Newborn Baby Essentials: 60 Must Have Items For Every Baby

If you’re expecting, you’ve definitely started thinking about all the baby essentials you’ll need in the upcoming months. Some things are obvious—clothing, a crib, diapers—but other baby essentials are easier to overlook.

That’s why the baby experts at Mustela have created the ultimate first year shopping list. We’ve thought of everything, so you can put your mind at ease and focus on other, more important things—like preparing your baby’s room and deciding on a name!

Let’s take a look at all the newborn baby essentials.

Which Items Are Actually Essential?

It’s not easy to know which baby items are Baccarat Online Uang Asli truly essential and which ones you can ignore. Your baby doesn’t need brand-name clothing, but what about a hooded towel or a humidifier? It’s not always clear what’s absolutely necessary and what’s just nice to have.

The truth is that some newborn baby essentials aren’t exactly essential. Humans have survived for thousands of years without things like breast pumps and pacifiers, so we don’t need them in order to take care of our babies.

However, we don’t live in the Stone Age anymore, and life in the 21st century requires a few extra items. Diapers, for instance, are impossible to go without. The same is true of bathing products and cleansers.

If you’re looking to save money on baby essentials or just prefer a minimalist approach, here is a list of what you will definitely need to care for your baby:

  • Clothing
  • Swaddling blanket
  • Diapers
  • A crib or co-sleeper
  • Mattress pad and sheets
  • Baby sling
  • Baby food (starting around four months old)
  • Cleansers to bathe your baby with

These are, to quote Baloo, the bare necessities of life. But there are a number of other baby essentials that will make caring for your child easier. And making life easier for you and your partner should be a high priority!

So let’s get started with the ultimate first year shopping list.

First Year Baby Essentials

Here are all the baby essentials you’ll need for the first year of your little one’s life.



This is more or less the only clothing item you’ll need for the first year. Onesies that snap between the legs are easy to put on and take off your baby.


For the crisp days and cold months, keep your baby’s legs warm with a pair of pants over their onesie.

Shoes And Socks

You’ll definitely want to make sure your little one’s feet are warm and protected when you leave your home. Tiny babies don’t necessarily need to wear shoes, but socks are a necessity at any age!


Babies tend to lose a lot of heat through their heads, so keep your baby’s head cozy with a hat or beanie.

When purchasing baby hats, keep the season in mind. If it’s wintertime and you live in a cold climate, make sure you’ve got a winter hat as well. On the other hand, if you’ll be out enjoying the sunshine with your little one, invest in a sun hat to protect them from sunburn.


A good coat is definitely a baby essential. You don’t want your precious little one getting cold! Be especially cautious to protect your baby’s skin in the winter.

In addition to a coat, it’s also good to have a couple of sweaters or light jackets on hand.

Pajamas Or Sleepers

To help your little one sleep soundly and comfortably, dress them in soft pajamas or sleepers.

If your baby has eczema-prone skin, opt for Mustela’s Stelatopia Skin Soothing Pajamas. These 100% cotton pajamas reduce itching and deliver skin-soothing moisture to your little one’s skin throughout the night.

Dress-Up Outfit

A dress-up outfit is not necessarily a must-have. Your baby will survive without it! But if you have an important event, holiday, or family photos coming up, you’ll probably want to have a special outfit for the littlest member of your family.


Once again, depending on the season, where you live, and your family’s favorite pastimes, you may want to have a baby swimsuit on hand.



A place for your baby to sleep is essential. Some parents prefer a crib, but other folks like to use a bassinet, which allows your baby to sleep in the same room as you.

Bassinets or mini cribs are also great for tiny nurseries, but your baby will outgrow them sooner than later. If you have the room, a standard crib will last longer. Either way, you’ll need somewhere for your bundle of joy to rest their weary head.

Changing Station

A sturdy changing station may not be 100 percent essential, but it will definitely make life much easier!


Make storing your baby’s clothing hassle-free with a small dresser. If you’re tight on space, the dresser can serve as a changing table as well!

Buy a changing pad and turn the top of the dresser into a changing surface. This allows you to forego the changing table entirely.


It’s important for your baby to have a special little place to play.

Swing, Walker, Or Baby Bouncer

Babies love to play in a baby bouncer, swing gently, or wander around the house with support from a baby walker.

Babyproofing Supplies

In a few months, your little one will be on the move and capable of climbing and crawling. It’s time to babyproof! Take a look at your house and furniture to figure out what supplies you need for babyproofing.

At the very least, you’ll need outlet covers, baby gates for the top and bottom of the stairs, and cabinet and drawer latches.


Swaddling Cloth

Babies love the warmth and comfort of being swaddled. A good swaddling cloth is an important baby essential.


You’ll need soft towels to dry your little one after bath time. Hooded towels are both cute and a great way to keep your baby warm after coming out of the bath.

Crib Sheets

Choose soft sheets that fit snugly on your baby’s mattress pad.

Burp Cloths

Avoid staining your clothes by always having a burp cloth handy.

Bedtime Items

Mattress Pad

A firm mattress pad that fits your baby’s crib or co-sleeper is essential.

Waterproof Bed Pad

This will prevent the mattress pad from getting dirty if your baby’s diaper leaks or if they spit up during the night.


Pacifiers are especially helpful when your baby begins teething.

Skincare Products


Babies get dry skin, just like any other human! Try Mustela Hydra Bebe Body Lotion to keep your baby’s skin soft and smooth.


Use our soothing baby oil right before bedtime to moisturize your little one’s skin and help them relax.

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